Jan 30, 2012

Mommy tak suka 'Times New Roman'

Kena control makan from now on. Huhu. Tak boleh dah nak melantak sesuka hati. Isk, isk.(xmasuk topik :-p..)

Kelmarin mommy buat lawak, i asked her to print out my assment which she did with extra work. She even change the font type dengan alasan 'Ma benci la tengok font 'Times New Roman', ma tukar la jadi Arial'. Tergelak kami adik-beradik. Sakit jiwa pun ado. Mommy, mommy. Tp xpe, submition hari jumaat ni. Jadi sempat la nak pegi print balik. 

Isnin lepas pegi LA Hotspring, Besut.
agak best juga la kt ctu.
Yg paling penting, jgn pegi time2 cuti xpecially cuti skolah,
mmg penuh la manusia keliling kolam air panas tu nanti.

Thinking of going out this wednesday. Ya, cuti Federal. Nak m'ajak org, xde sape yg nk pegi, housemate pun sume keje sbb dorg sume klinik area Selangor. Haish, kadang2 sakit jiwa jgk rasa sbb asyik dok sorang2 je, makan sorang2. Org pegi keje, kite stil kt rumah, Org dh tido, kite lak baru balik. Kosong je hidup. Sbb tu la i lagi suka dok ngan family, bergelak ketawa b'sama2, b'gaduh b'sama2, b'tikam lidah b'sama2. Bagus kn suasana tu ^_^.
Tp kite, klu dok ngan org lain, baik je takde mood nk gado2, lain la klu org tu wat kite annoying, mmg sure la kite xmo layan die. Ckp asyik nk m'nyakitkan hati je dgn jelingan penuh makna, sape suke?

Jan 29, 2012

Another 50

i just spent the other 50 coupon for this...

Kebanyakannya buku and barang2 skolah dekYah.

Jan 26, 2012



Ryūgamine Mikado is a boy who longs for the exciting life of the big city. At the invitation of his childhood friend Masaomi, he transfers to a school in Ikebukuro. Masaomi has warned him about people he doesn't want to cross in the city: a champion fighter, an informant, and a mysterious gang called "Dollars." Nervous from Masaomi's stories, Mikado witnesses an urban legend on his first day in the city, the Headless Rider astride a black motorcycle. From then on, the existence of supernatural cases and a gang called the Yellow Scarves will rise to the surface, and Ikebukuro will pushed to the breaking point.

Jan 24, 2012

They are my Noble Masters

Ren and Mihato Uesugi have moved to Chiharu in order to find work and a place to live, but it has proven difficult to find employment. Through a series of events the duo finds itself in the prestigious Kuonji house - and subsequently accepts live-in maid positions! Famous Shinra, inventive Miyu and youngest Yume are tough customers to wait on, but with the help of the ex-militant head-butler Colonel, head maid Benisu and other wait staff, Ren and Mihato might just learn what it takes to be the best maid or butler you can be. Their jobs are not easy, though, with everything from inappropriate sibling love to household games to handle!

Jan 22, 2012

Kite ada calon kite la!

Serabut otok wes. Serabut sangat2 ngan pe'el org tua yang suka nak padankan kite ngan anak org lain. Dah la org tua tu mak sedara je, sibuk nak jaga tepi kain anak org lain. Dah tau kite ni dah ade yang punya, kite dah ada calon kite sendiri. Still nak buat kite naik angin. Tak suka la mcm ni. 

Balik kampong CNY

Naseb baek jalan dah x jem semalam, Alhamdulillah pukul 5.30 pagi dh sampai kampong. Best siyot dapat balik kampong ^_^.
Sume keje i dah settle, tinggal print dan hantar je skrg ni.
So, balik b'cuti kali ni i just bawa balik buku2 yang i beli guna kupon tu aje dan juga anime2 yang t'kumpul setakat ni. 

Nk pegi tulun mommy i kt dapur lak, hehe, tulun tengok n tulun makan.. >_<

Jan 19, 2012

Tentang Kupon ^-^

Do you believe that i actually go to take the coupon? And i sendiri x percaya yang i only takes 30 minutes utk bersiap after i call teksi utk datang amek. Semata2 nk pegi kolej tanpa bersusah-payah, i sanggup bayar teksi pegi balik. Ni sume gara-gara mommy i cakap rugi klu tak amek. ^_^

Plan nk beli MIMS la konon. Ok, i cakap xserupa bikin ek. My weakness, sometimes, not always la. Enough la dengan 'Blue book' dulu, nanti je student b'dedikasi ni beli MIMS. o(0-0)o

i've used the coupon to buy those books.
1 english novel, 4 islamic books, 2 magazine and botol air..>-<


i nk tnggu trilogi 'Bagaikan Puteri'- Ramlee Awang Mursyid..
harap2 la kuar cepat or else i terpaksa la cari novel lain..

Jan 18, 2012

kupon buku RM200 ~_~

Hari ni ada sesi mengutip kupon buku RM200 kt kolej. Dah la keje petang, so i declare i 'burn'kan kupon tu semata2 tak nak i letih berulang alik ngan bas kolej yang lambat sampai dan lambat balik tu. Tak kuasa mak nak letihkn diri sendiri.~_~

Tp i hairan la, mcm mn ngan student yg praktikal out of this area, yg kt negeri lain. Xkan la diorg pun kena 'burn' kupon tu jgk. So hopefully la i harap, boleh lg dapat amek time revision week nnt. Amin..
boleh jugak wat beli MIMS latest edision (dh jd student farmasi yg b'dedikasi tau skrg neyh..^_^)

Kelmarin kena marah ngan PPF kt ctu sebab balik tak sign attendance. Blik semalam, terlupa lagi nk sign. Abes la masuk keja hari, mesti kena 'fire' ngn PPF tu. I terlupa la, bukan sengaja tak nak sign. ~_~

Ptg kelmarin, ada org wat shooting iklan kesihatan kat Klinik tu. Pharmacist kt ctu t'masuk jgk dlm scene nk bagi ubat kt patient tu. They all say pharmacist i lg lawa b'banding ngn actress tu. >_< 
Mmg dia lawa pun, itulah Mentor sy-->Tunjuk ajarku sifu!

tgkap dr jauh dgn kamera hp yg xseberapa cntik ni..
untung la klu dpt DSLR.

Jan 15, 2012

Kopi dan Saya

Ok, kopi dan saya adalah pasangan yang tidak serasi. I used to drink a lot of coffee before, tapi lepas kejadian i almost jatuh dalam bilik mandi, i stop drinking it. Tapi sekarang, saya minum lg tapi xsekerap dl la. Mommy pun asyik ingatkn sy jgn minum sgt kopi. Bila minum kopi, tido sy t'gnggu, jantung rs b'debar2, pening, dats why la smpai bleh nk jatuh dalam bilik mandi. ~_~

The main ingredient in coffee is caffeine. Research shows that it is safe to drink one or two cups a day. However, those who exceed this may suffer the negative effects that include difficulty sleeping, headaches, irregular heartbeat, nausea and muscle tension. This may also lead to ulcer or heartburn, which is why experts also advise people to drink moderately.

 Coffee isn't good for:-
  • women who are pregnant  since it could cause birth defects  
  • patients who have heart disease 

  1. Regular intake of coffee can be harmful to people prone to hypertension. The possible side effects of chronic coffee consumption on the cardiovascular system can be blockage of adenosine receptors and the inhibition of phosphodiesterases enzymes.
  2. Coffee has stimulating effects on both the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system. Although moderate drinkers of coffee experience mental alertness, excessive drinkers of coffee can also have a tranquilizing effect. This generally means that coffee can increase your heart rate, blood pressure, urine production and basal metabolic rate. 
  3. Too much intake of coffee – translated simply into a consumption in excess of three cups per day - can cause difficulty in sleeping, irritability, irregular heartbeats, nausea, muscle tension, ulcers, heartburn and headaches, to name just a few of the perils. 
  4. One of the many side effects of coffee is the increased risk of cancer. Coffee contains carcinogenic substances like aldehydes, sulfides, tannic acids and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. These are especially harmful to the liver. 
  5. Excessive consumption of coffee over a period of time can create stomach problems. The chemicals present in the coffee can aggravate the lining of the stomach leading to absorption and digestion problems. It can cause anxiety, vomiting, dehydration and nausea. 
  6. Side-effects of coffee in women, especially those on oral contraceptives, increase their chances of breast cancer. Women who drink coffee by the gallons might even experience a pre-menstrual syndrome more severe than those who do not. 
  7. Coffee, when consumed along with some medications, can cause other health issues, too. People with a history of drug abuse should definitely avoid coffee as it can worsen the addiction due to the presence of caffeine in the brew. 
  8. Pregnant women should keep away from excessive coffee as it can directly affect the fetus. The chances of a miscarriage due to increased coffee consumption have been found to be higher than those from even nicotine and alcohol. It might also increase the danger of fibrocystic breast cancer in women. 
  9. The caffeine present in coffee has a substantial effect on the brain. The brain chemical adenosine has a calming effect on the brain, but when you drink coffee, the brain gets confused by mixed signals, as these chemicals interfere with each other. 
  10. The side effects of coffee on both the genders are the same. Excessive consumption of coffee increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases in both men and women. 
  11. Drinking coffee for a long period of time can result in staining your teeth. It has a similar effect on the teeth like that from nicotine. It can lead to a person developing yellow teeth and cavities especially if s/he consumes coffee with a lot of sugar.

my peberet dishes

i love pizza's. especially Domino's Pizza.
compared to Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza xrasa muak & topping die pun sedap.
Last time pegi Pizza Hut ngan my Mr. mesti selalu xabes makan sebab muak, kesian my Mr. sebab kena habiskan sume makanan buah hati dia.

hee. Domino's lg  >_< 

homemade pizza made by me.
crust die slalu putih je, kurang masak. bleh rasa lg tepung tu.
ngehngehngeh ^_^
stil need improvement 

spaghetti bolognese...
sgt suka dengan rasa masam2 cket tu.
klu my mommy yg buat, kurang cket rasa masam tu coz my pappy didn't like masam2 sgt..

steak. xkira la lamb@beef steak. dua2 i pulun.

chicken chop. actually xsuka sgt yg fry2 neyh.
tp, klu serve dengan mushroom sauce kena la dengan selera cket.
klu makan neyh, mesti i tinggalkan mushroom tu utk d'makan last skali..

 bbq ngn housemate ari tu..

 so, kitorg mkn camni. ala2 makan cara org korea.
tp, daging tu kasi goreng. bila dah masak, wrap dlm daun salad.
pastu bleh la ngap!

Jan 14, 2012

3 in 1

Another weekends yg t'amat m'bosankn..
i rather balik kampong or go to Sabah than being here..
the most boring KL without my loved ones...

with no one to talk, rasa sunyi sgt..
klu i balik kampong, boleh jgk m'nyakat budak2 kecik tu..
miss them so much, they're not the 'little ones' anymore..sumenya dah besar..
dekYah dh form.2 and dekTqah pun dh masuk Year 6...cepatkn masa berlalu, dulu kecik2 jer tgk dorg..>_<

i was planning untuk bw My Mr. jumpa mommy and pappy dis March. Harap dorang lembut hati and can accept pilihan hati saya..InsyaAllah....

Sekarang sy praktikal di Klinik Kesihatan Jinjang, so far away from my place and almost takes 1 hour and a half if jalan jem. gosh, rs nk migraine tau klu tetiba ade jem. Harap2 la nanti saya xkena Posting di KL, bosan sudah dengan kehidupan disini.
I was planning to choose;
1. Kelantan(dekat ngn my family, jimat kos and boleh savings byk cket)
2. Terengganu(dekat juga la cket ngn family)
3. Sabah(tu pun klu pilihan 1 &2 xdpt, boleh dekat ngn future husband..ngehngehngeh)..

dat all for today..tetiba je rs nk post something..

bdk ini sgt comel..
harap2 dia dh bleh ngam ngn org len pasni..
buleh bwk dukong2 ^_^

P/S-->thank u so much kpd sesape yg rajin datang jenguk blog ni..
sy sgt m'hargai anda wlaupun anda t'pksa m'baca ceta sy yg ntah hape2 ni..