Dec 28, 2009


smlm belek2 gmbr lama..
s0 t'jmpa la dos pict..

atr reka bentuk henna yg penah ak
wat kt tgn..:)

cantik x..
da best pict of mine dat i love most..:B



Dec 23, 2009

Bubur ayam buat ibu tersayang..:)

my mom got a fever,so dia jd kurang
b'selera tuk mkn..
s0,i c0ok dis chicken porridge for her..
'hope u'll get better,I LOVE U MOM
u're da queen of my heart'

my graduated teddy

teddy i get during my convo...

Dec 22, 2009


pizza yg d'buat ak..

simple jer

wlaupun simple,tp ianya Sedap..:)

Dec 21, 2009


we siblings hv so much fun last nite by making a pizza..
forgot to snap a pict of dat pizza..:p

Dec 20, 2009

Entry Malas..:@

craving for this hp lak S.E W508

chicken herbs yg ak wat smlm..pebulos..:B

Dec 17, 2009

Pagi yg Sejuk..:b

Cket je lg novel 'Things i want my daughter to know' nk hbis d'bc ak..bkn men lama lg ak bc..
kn smpai m'rangkak2 xpe,biar lmbat asalkn selamat..biar slow,asalkn steady..
ahaks..klu bab2 ak lmbat xpe,tp klu org len yg lmbat,mau die kn kutuk ngn ak..
so,tu adelah k'burukan ak k..try to change..
but,as i always say 'we're not perfectly perfect'...

Dec 15, 2009

Dec 14, 2009


wat am i suppose to think..
i really always wants him to come here..
n i'm happy he wants to come here bc0z 0f me,wants t0 b near me..

wish life could be easier than dis..:(

Dec 13, 2009

N3 tuk otak yg 0+10..

there's a lot of thing dat i think i want to share it here..
but i can't put it into words..
susah nk ckp n susah nk karangkn..
hoho..ade k cmtu..:b
dats why la BM Penulisan ak time UPSR dl dpt C..

sok klas cam biasa,n i hope i wont be sleepy AGAIN in da class..
moga2 k'jayaan m'jadi milikku..


Dec 12, 2009

The Girl Next Door..~

Yesterday k LeisureMall tuk cuci2 mata..actually,i go there only to buy mozarella cheese which is hard to find in Kelantan,cari kt Billion pun xde ari tu..susah btl nk jmpa time kite dh rajin nk wat pizza..

and also nk dptkn new novel tuk d'bc pd cuti next week..but damn,i forgot to bring mmber card..xdpt la less 15%,tp mujur de less 10%..dis time,i bought 'The girl next door' lak also from Elizabeth Noble..

Dec 11, 2009

Better Now...

i feel much better now..

2day is cuti,so we've plan to go to LeisureMall..

Dec 10, 2009


nothin' to say..
juz wants to apologize to people dat i make them feel miserable...
i'm sorry..i suppose not to behave like dat..
but,i need to cheer up myself...
i'm not in a good shape..
but i try bloody hard,u know..
try to get things back to normal..
so please,forgive me..
i'm sorry..:@

Dec 7, 2009


ak rs mcm hilang smangat je lam 2-3 hr ni..smlm,nk senyum pun ssh but i try hardly to keep myself comfortable while communicate with others....n i've try bloody hard..

but 2day,Alhamdulillah...there's a little things dat makes me realize dat i can't stay like dis forever..i need to be strong..i have to..

n guess wat,i've slept in da clas..n sum1 realized dat n keep laughing at me..
but i dont really ashamed about it...
today's class was so bored..pharmacology lecturer's with her slow motion lecturing &
replacement of chemist lecturer to bio lecturer..i'm not saying dat da chemist lecturer is good bc0z people is not perfect at all..they'll be able to make mistake at anytime..

think to go back to hometown dis weekend since its a public holiday dis weekend but need to think it twice c0z there will be a short break starting dis 25th dec ..

Dec 5, 2009


Jumaat - 9>>p.m

Nenek pergi untuk selama-lamanya..


Dec 4, 2009


Kerongkongku rs mr. ckp mybe it was tonsil yg bngkak sbb kurang mnum air@dmam(but apperently,i dont get fver pun)..its so hurt..n susah nk mnelan..huhu.. Skit..:(

Nenek stil in ICU..she's unconcious n her high blood pressure hs been lowering..

Tmorrow nite,I'll going 2 cheras.. Berat rs ht nk pg.
..sgt2 berat..

Dec 2, 2009

my hepi Besday..:)

last besday cake from my beloved dad..:)

A wish list for my besday…:B

a) A big cake n I want to eat them wif my family

b) My mom’s blessing of our relationship

c) My CGPA is higher than the past