Jul 31, 2014

Jul 26, 2014


May Allah swt forgive us for the sins we make.
I wish u happy.

Jul 19, 2014


Today I gave him my last msg.
Saying that I'm sorry and can accept the fact that he wasn't meant to be mine. I did say thanks to him for all he gave me all this 7 years. And I want to be his friend if he want me too.

But I know he will not reply my msg anymore. So I should stop disturb someone's only son. It will be hard for him if I continue acting pathetic.

Oh my!
How to mend my broken heart?

Jul 18, 2014


Dia dah ada pengganti.
Maybe a lot better than me.

o Allah.
why am I so upset?
I should be happy for him.

He finally got what he want.

Oh my.