Nov 30, 2015


I hv been silent lately. Not because of busy. I just don't have the guts to write anymore.

I just. I don't know.

Oct 18, 2015


I feel unwell.
I cough a lot.
I want to vomit.


Oct 9, 2015


I feel sorry for my mom. And guilty too. Because all this while, I've been a 'malas' daughter to her.

And now. This time baru I realize I must be a good and 'rajin' daughter to her.

The wrinkles on her face makes my tears drop.

I love u mom. You are the most wonderful woman I've ever known.

Sep 28, 2015


My flight delay & I'm so cuak. Erm. Not exactly cuak because I'm not so happy leaving here.

But penat doh. I want to rest.


Sep 26, 2015


I am happy.
I am so so happy.

Aug 27, 2015

It's around the corner

My big day that I have waited for so long has coming.

InsyaAllah. Tomorrow's night, I will be someone else wife.

Alhamdulillah. I want to be very grateful and always be with what Allah gave me. Whether I think it is good or bad for me. I always know that Allah will give the best for me.

Jun 11, 2015

I'm engaged♡♥


Thank you Allah..

Apr 4, 2015

Your smile.

Your smile swept away my exhaustion.

Mar 29, 2015


When they have Everything,
You're just Nothing.

I just want to be Someone's Everything.
selfish k?

Mar 21, 2015

Thank u Allah.

Thank You Allah.
For replacing what I think best for myself with somewhat You plan the best for me.

Thank you Allah.

Mar 12, 2015


Bila da terbangun pukul 3-4 pagi mcm ni. Mmg susah la nk tdo balik.

Oh no! I'm hoping I'm not sleepy nanti.

Wedding Preparations

Yes. I am so excited.

So, from today I'll start posting about my engagement & wedding preparation.

So. :-D

Alhamdulillah.  Thank you Allah.

Mar 11, 2015





Thank you Allah.


Last night.

He proposed.

I am so damn happy!


Alhamdulillah.  Thank you Allah.

Feb 28, 2015


Geram ke geraham?

Geram & geraham memang tak akan sama.

Sebab geram adalah geram.
Geraham adalah geraham.

Ish.....apa yg aku merepek ni?

Feb 26, 2015

All I want

All I want from a guy was just

A Ring


Feb 20, 2015


Right now, Right here.
I just feel wanna go back to a far place where I belong.
I feel humiliated.

Feb 17, 2015


Penuh dengan perbezaan.

Ada yang bahagia.
Ada yang derita.
Ada yang sedih.
Ada yang sengsara.

Walaupun kita yang mencorakkan kehidupan kita.
Tetapi jalan cerita kita telah ditentukan olehNya.

Ya, kita hanya mampu merancang.
Kita berusaha.
Kita tawakkal.
Kita redha.

Itulah sebaik-baik kejadian manusia.

Feb 16, 2015

Sekarang saya dah sedar

Yes. Sekarang memang saya dah sedar.

A good man will protect dignity of a woman he love. If he is not. He's just playing with you.

And I also sedar.

Lelaki yang serius mahu mengahwinimu akan berusaha so hard to get us and will do everything before we ask.

I now realize.

Past is past now. Eventhough it tooks me damn long to forget everything, but once I've move on. I won't look back. Seriously.

I'm praying for your happiness with a woman you really want. & I know she's not me.

So long.

Jan 25, 2015


When everyone say to move on.
When I tell myself 'enough is really enough'.
After all those 7 years.
I only want him to be my man.

Jan 15, 2015



Please go away.

Jan 8, 2015

Enough is enough

Enough is enough.
Enough of grieving.
Enough of crying.
Enough of the past.

He is so over me.
And I will definitely so over him!!