Feb 18, 2010

satisfy other's???????

i've been so dull dis 2-3 days..

y i can't be dat matured......


life is gettin' hard


there's a simplest,easy way that i can get through..

but i've choose dis life..

life dat i struggle to live..

live dat,i don't even know whether other people

satisfy with it or not..

why in life do we have to satisfy's others..??

it's my life,it is all my own life!!..

i dont want anyone to interupt with it..

but,i do thanks to people

who support me from behind


give me da opportunity to start back..

Feb 8, 2010

pHotoGrapher...ape mcm??

love dos pict,xpecially when they didn't know
dat I silently snap their pict..
t'tiba lak rs nk jd photographer..
i want DSLR..!!!
ade yg murah x?????

Feb 4, 2010


wa!!!mom,along dh temok..
dok suke..:-(

Dpt je result td,terus g LM tuk enj0y!!
enjoy mkn je sebenarnye..

punya la byk die nye cheese..

n pg Secret Recipe c0z m'idam nk mkn
Spagetti Bolognese..
cheese nyer msih terasa b'legar2 lam perut..

ak s0rg je yg mkn
dikTikah + dikTirah dok
m'renung ms depan..

t'menung ape tu dik?

hepi tim3

i'm so happy..
i've got better result than dos previous years..

Feb 2, 2010