Dec 7, 2009


ak rs mcm hilang smangat je lam 2-3 hr ni..smlm,nk senyum pun ssh but i try hardly to keep myself comfortable while communicate with others....n i've try bloody hard..

but 2day,Alhamdulillah...there's a little things dat makes me realize dat i can't stay like dis forever..i need to be strong..i have to..

n guess wat,i've slept in da clas..n sum1 realized dat n keep laughing at me..
but i dont really ashamed about it...
today's class was so bored..pharmacology lecturer's with her slow motion lecturing &
replacement of chemist lecturer to bio lecturer..i'm not saying dat da chemist lecturer is good bc0z people is not perfect at all..they'll be able to make mistake at anytime..

think to go back to hometown dis weekend since its a public holiday dis weekend but need to think it twice c0z there will be a short break starting dis 25th dec ..

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