Apr 30, 2009


0k..t0nites entry is ab0ut m3..
pd sesape yg nk tau ttg ak..

my name is nor wahida..
asal fr0m a* green harajuku village,qelate..:B
i have my m0m & my dad..
i have 6 siblings..
i love them s0 much

i love him t0o...:(

currentLy, i'm s2dying n alm0st finish it @ ...
(haha..teka sndiri k)

sumtimes,i get bored wif dis course
c0z i hardly score high..:(

dunno wat 2 do after dis,but i've already seaching
& appLy for

part time j0b ..(mula dr bwh dl yek..:B)

yg ak tau,ak adalah s0rg yg tegas..
n yg len2 tu,let pe0pLE judge me by themselves..

i love to listen 2 da music..sumtimes,my bLog
walking activities enables me to know
b0ut new s0ngs which i never hear yet...
i Love sLeeping..s0 s0 much!!...
kLu exam,Lg la slalu&kuat ak td0..peLik tul..
tp,kLu xExam,lmbat je ak td0..
arghhh!!asaL mata n 0tak xnk td0 neh..huhu

b4 dis,i d0nt like to mix up wif other people's matter..
but then,i've changed
bc0z 0f the feeling 0f hatred n ann0ying for sum1..
And then,i realized dat
it is a USELESS things to mix up or t0 cb0k wif it..
Let them wif their s*.. behaviour..
let they d0 their things..
i'll never care b0ut them anym0re..

Just have fun & be hepi wif my OWN LIFE..:p

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~dARlee zURiS~ said...

well..nice knowing u
hehee ;)