Apr 19, 2017

My Little Love

Alhamdulillah, she's almost 7 months now. And she's healthy, eventho a little eczema makes me nervous 😅.

Hannah. I wanna write something about u. Hoping that someday u will read mama's blog to know how was u as a baby.

Hannah. You are so clingy. Sangat sangat u know. Mama can't lost from your sight, sekejap je dah nangis. sigh*. That's my lesson as a mama. Differ baby, Differ ragam. You can't expect this baby to be like that baby. Ada baby yang very eager to play with everyone or one yang can play alone or one yang xleh renggang dengan mama/papa. But u Hannah, u want to play dengan mama skali ada kat ctu.

Hannah. At the age of 6 months lagi u can merangkak. Sorry i let u cry when i have to take a bath, to the toilet or do something yang perlukan both my hands. And sorry i let u cry because i want u to merangkak to get me.

Hannah. Mama loves u so much. My baby. My little love.

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