Mar 22, 2011

Demam Rindu

When i'm typing this entry, i will be on my bed waiting for time to be 5.30am so that i can wake up and go outside and finish off my lab report. Oh yes, sy mmg PENAKUT when it comes to something starts with 'G'. Hehe.

I've got fever dis two days, and fortunately it has been reduced since i've being forced to take pcm by Mr. Fazree. H0HO. Yesterday, migraine comes attack becoz i've been exposed to aircond for about 4 hours and it really hurts. Sy sgt xbleh stay lam aircond yg t'lampau sejuk and t'lalu lama in there, sbb nnt bleh wat otak sy jd keras. Haha. Means that, sy akan dpt migraine.

okey..mari belajar ttg migraine..:-D

When someone call me and i will burst into tears, that would means i really miss them. That's what happen yesterday. With just typing this pun dah rasa sayu. Sbb, dolu2, ms arwah nenek masih ada. She's also someone who will takes care of me when i get sick. Klu demam, dialah yg akan sediakn air perahan limau cmpur ngn daun limau purut and then lap2 ke dahi. I really missed those time.

Fuh!!skrg pun there's a tears. Letih den nangis, mata pun dh bengkak and i think i should stop rite here. I've been bz studying and internet pun xbape nk laju are the reason why i haven't wrote for such a long time. Hehe. Tp xde la lama sgt pun.

Hehe. ciaO.

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