Mar 19, 2010


lately, i've been so lazy to on my lappy..
n da broadband makes me hilang sabar..

dis week n next2 week,
i will b bz wif study coz exam is around da corner..
xtau knp,dis sem i've been so lazy,
tdo kerap is always my peberet..
susah nk buang tabiat tu..
makan pun,hhmm..
agak2 kn,
mybe akan b'tambah jd 60 klu ak xcontrol mkn..

my Mr. xdpt transfer k'cni..
at first,i was so upset..
but,in da same time..
i was glad..
i still worry about my family,
yet da obstacles dat might interupt us..

sok de test,got to study now..

p/s-->online ni pun ngn lappy dikNor..
P1 w1max is better than celcom broadband here...
know,what i call p1 w1max in my dialek
'P so, wa so Max'

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