Jan 9, 2010



life is great dis week..
i hv nothing to worry about except for da test..
hrp ms b'lalu ngn cepat..
so,i dont hv to worry to do things dat i want to..
nk cepat2 blah dr kolej tumpangan ni ngn jayanya..
n work wif KKM as pharmacy asstant..

i love working in hospital..
it is my ambition to work in there in da 1'st place..
n da 1'st ambition xjadi is to be a dentist..

my dad penah perli dl..
'b4 ni nk jd doktor gigi,pastu t'tukar lak amek doktor makanan'
rs cam nk nangis depan dia je,c0z he hope me to be a dentist..
parent wants da best for their children..
i'm full of regret,coz not toooo concntrate on study in matriks..

but,for me..
i'm so thankful c0z i hv option..
ak ad peluang..
to do what i want to
along with my parent's blessing..
hope it will last forever.........
their blessing.........
of something dat i can't expect...........


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