Nov 12, 2009

Ayashi no Ceres

"Aya and Aki Mikage are twin siblings who've finally reached their sixteenth birthday. As the twins excitedly go off to their grandpa's house for a celebration, something else greets them -- a longstanding family curse that would change their lives forever. In every generation of the Mikage family, a female member awakens as a powerful tennyo (celestial maiden) called Ceres when she turns sixteen. Ceres has a score to settle with the Mikage patriarch, and so she does everything in her power to wreak havoc for the family. As a result, the Mikages have been killing all their female descendants who've turned into Ceres. This time, Aya is Ceres. Aya escapes... but she'll have to get to the bottom of things and make things right if she wants to get her life back."

i love watching dis anime n absolutely love Toya characters.
Toya is in love with aya,n he so protective..
it is really feel good if sum1 is protecting us from bad thin'..
eventhough we didn't need so much protection from them..
i feel so much gloomy 2day,
dats y i need to post sumthin' in dis bLog..
c0z it will make me feel better...:)
so much better...
sumtimes all things will not be da same for all over da time..
it will change.....
it will change.........:@

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