Jun 11, 2009

More time..~

wow..dh 2 mggu lbih since ak blik kmpong n t0day br online..
things r getting more better now in my life
since i've got wat i need..
i need more time and i hv it now..
dun need to rush for sumthin' dat
really need a lot of commitment in life..
i dont wanna stuck wif it bc0z i've m0re to do in my life..

k' cc 2day juz bc0z wanna check exam result..
but damn,they stil tgh process lg..
i really hope dat i'll get dis degree..
for my own sake & for my parents..

wish me Luck..:)

tetiba lak..
(but really,i do love u s0 much)..
malunye den..:p

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